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Very little of Britain's tourism budget is directed towards our battlefield heritage. Tourism to our heritage has to be promoted by the destinations themselves.

British Battlefields carries out two main operations. 

  • Promoting Britain's military heritage..

  • Offering travel and tour services to the public and the travel trade. 

How do military heritage causes benefit from British Battlefields?

The business is a limited company operating as a Social generate a revenue stream for battlefield destinations such as museums, battlefield societies, local guides and custodians of battlefield etc. It does this in three ways.:-

  • 50% of net profits of the business will be redistributed to members of British Battlefields as a dividend.
  • Fees generated through from providing services such as guided visits..
  • British Battlefields encourages suppliers to support battlefield heritage through donations of money or services in kind..
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What You Get as a Member?

Improved Visibility for a a heritage tourism destination to the trade and the Public 

You will have a web page on the website. This is a website devoted to promoting heritage tourism to Britain’s battlefields offering advice to people seeking to travel independently as well as tours organised through British Battlefields and its partners. We can either write the copy for your website or you can provide it. The website has been designed to help visitors plan tours either by region or by theme. We will design and offer tours to the public which include your destination as part of a regional military heritage trail or as part of a historic themes tour. This means that your destination is part of a package that can be seen world wide by potential visitors interested in the military heritage of your part of the world or in the historic events linked to your destination. 


You can make money from Business Battlefields in several ways:-

  • British Battlefields is a social enterprise. 50% of the business profits will be returned to members, either as a dividend for members.. Even destinations which have no method of collecting money from visitors can gain financially.
  • Your web-page can include calls for fund raising for specific heritage charities.
  • Advertisements on your web-page can generate revenue for your cause.
  • If you are local supplier such as a tour guides you can receive income from tours organised through British Battlefields.

Promotional Campaigns.

We will provide the opportunity to take part in promotional activities which promote your destination, either individually or alongside others with a similar theme or from a similar region. These include:-

  • Familiarisation trips for the inbound or domestic travel industry and travel journalists.
  • Media campaigns promoting battles and campaigns with forthcoming anniversaries.
  • Participation in the travel and tourism industry exhibitions.


British Battlefields can represent your interests in the organisations influencing Britain's travel and tourism industry, including to government, parliament, Visit Britain, Visit England and the regional destination management organisations.

Support and Assistance. 

We can help you to develop the heritage Tourism Potential of your destination. Taking advantage of the buying power of the membership we can buy services for you which are focused on supporting military heritage destinations. These include the following:-

  • Business services (business or marketing strategy,)
  • Marketing services e.g. advertising sales, PR , design etc.
  • Training in e.g. battlefield guiding, fund raising, press relations etc
  • Heritage charity services e.g. fund raising, media, governance etc.

Joining as a member 

Anyone with an interest in supporting military heritage can become a member of British Battlefields.There are three levels of membership:-

  • Individual. @£50 per year.
  • Destination @£100 per year  This includes a website promoting a single military heritage destination.
  • Corporate .membership fee negotiable. Includes more than one webn page and more than one geographic desitnation. 
The distribution of amny dividend will be in proportion to the nominal value of the year's membership fee recieved.  

Work for Guides

British Battlefields would like to offer a tour programme covering all of the locations offered by our members, and other places too. British Battlefields will then promote these to the public and the travel trade. You do not need to be a member of British Battlefields to work as a guide. If you would like to offer tours, please send me the details.

We are happy to work with individual guides, representatives from battlefield societies or commercial businesses. Our guides will be self employed and will need to have Professional Indemnity insurance cover. We have to satisfy ourselves that our guides are competent and prefer to use guides who have validated their competences through the Guild of Battlefield Guides. We also prefer to work with suppliers who share our commitment to supporting British military heritage.

Battlefield Heritage Causes

We would like Btitish Basttlefields to benefit anyone seeking to preserve, interpret and present battlefields heritage for heritage and educational; purposes.:-

  • Battlefield Tour Guides willing to cover a British battlefield.
  • Museums
  • Battlefield and Military Heritage socieites
  • Military Aviation Societies.
  • Re-enactment and Living hisotry groups

The Battlefields Trust is the leading battlefield heritage charity.  British Battlefields exists to help people to enjoy and appreciate our battlefield and military heritage. The Battlefields Trust  does a great job preserving , interpreting and presenting our sites of confliuct for heritage and educational purposes.  You can make a donation to the Battlefields Trust either through our Just giving link or direct to the Trust